Search Engine Strategy New York Party

Search Engine Strategy New York Party

Unfortunately, I am unable to participate in SES NY this year. Although I participated in group discussions, blogs, interviews and drinking like fish (this is a bit exaggerated) in the last 4 days of the year, my liver would thank me. The main party I attended last year was Ask Jeeves, Yahoo 10th Anniversary and Baidu After Hours Party. Ask Jeeves was an explosion because I had the opportunity to meet and interview the American idol superstar William Hung (although the underdeveloped ribs were a bit strange to see the teenage girls dancing in the rest area).

The Yahoo party is great, I have the opportunity to talk to Andy Beal, Jeremy Zawodny, Tara and Chris Knowles at At the Baidu party, I got some people who were drunk and offended by some spies who spoke to them in a less polite way in the group conversation (although I didn’t specifically refer to their mother). Even at the meeting, a bucket of Samuel Adams was placed on one of the top floors, which allowed me to make a quick interview and earned me an extra pint.

Judging from the list of parties that have been publicized so far, the drinking round of SES NY in 2006 seems to be a bit mild. Perhaps this is part of the ValleyWag effect, as some search companies may want to pay close attention to the flow of wine, which led to the struggle of two search employees against a girl last year, and I almost had to step in and join forces with my amazing breakup.

Joseph Morin’s attention to the 2006 SES NY party is:

Monday, February 27, 2006

7 pm-11pm launched “Red Code” & ndquo; Party:

Location: Club LQ

511 Lexington Ave. @ 48次

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

IM Live

Time: 5: 30pm– 6: 30pm

Online cocktail reception

Location: Exhibition Hall

Hilton Hotel

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Yahoo Search Marketing

Time: 12: 45pm– 1: 45pm

Online lunch

Venue: Nassau Meeting Room

Hilton Hotel

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